CoD Modern Warfare Pulls Every Punch That Spec Ops: The Line Didn't

  • Published: 11 November 2019
  • It's a shame that as videogames get prettier and more 'realistic', they feel the need to hold back more and more from the audience. Spec Ops is seven years old but it feels like it has more balls than anything we've seen this generation.
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Comments • 3 967

  • MajorMalfunction00
    MajorMalfunction00  12 minutes back

    Kinda doing that, but it's a stealth game. Working on development tools right now; we'll see where it goes with story and design when I get there. There's a connection between capitalism and conflict, not to mention the obvious politics of warfare and consequences for all people involved, directly and indirectly. We're all connected in some way.

    • YeahOkayCertainly
      YeahOkayCertainly  39 minutes back

      Are we gonna forget the part where the US Embassy got shot up and a few kids got plastered?

      • Paul
        Paul  5 hours back

        The white phosphorus scene in Spec Ops has stuck with me all this time and its always the game that I bring up when comparing the choices games force you to make.
        And not gonna lie cods willy pete scene was just... ouch, the soldiers begging to die literally made me wince.

        • Cedrick Dacosta
          Cedrick Dacosta  6 hours back

          Ight this dude cappin if he said he got bored

          • Big Mans
            Big Mans  6 hours back

            Well, modern warfare and spec ops are two very different games.
            MW is about the struggles soldiers face and the hard decisions they have to make in combat, but spec ops is about making the player feel bad about what their actions, and getting us to understand that trying to be a hero isn’t usually the right choice.

            • YoRHa
              YoRHa  7 hours back

              i mean its kind of a dick move to shoot someone that your fellow soldier is right behind haha

              • pig alexander
                pig alexander  7 hours back

                18:00 "Remember, no Russian."

                • shingshongshamalama
                  shingshongshamalama  8 hours back

                  Activision: "We don't want to make modern war political. Historical revisionism of real world American military atrocities? Not political. Having WOMZ in uniforms? Political."

                  • Juan Carlos Alonso
                    Juan Carlos Alonso  9 hours back

                    As a non american, the propaganda in this game is so cringy, especially considering all the terrible things the us military has done and is doing all over the world.

                    • shingshongshamalama
                      shingshongshamalama  9 hours back

                      Activision Clowns: "We want to talk about the gritty realities of war!"
                      Activision: *doesn't even mention the abundance of PMCs committing atrocities*

                      • shingshongshamalama
                        shingshongshamalama  9 hours back

                        Spec Ops: The Line was all about explicitly addressing the American cultural fascination with military interventionism and sledgehammering it to pieces with a heaping of brutality. It reaches across the fourth wall and accuses you, The Player, of being complicit in the US military's crimes against other sovereign nations. It questions the purpose of pop media's idolization of the military itself and asks whether this is a good thing.

                        No "Triple A" publisher would ever dare do shit like that.

                        • THOT ДЕСТЯОJEЯ
                          THOT ДЕСТЯОJEЯ  10 hours back

                          Why do i get a feeling this guy has something against russians

                          • Something I love
                            Something I love  12 hours back

                            I hope they make my country the villain.... WELCOME TO PHILIPPINES where we colonized you but we know we will be the ones get colonized so no hope for recognition.

                            • Redpill1410
                              Redpill1410  13 hours back

                              I was 15 when I went to played Spec op at my friend's house. This was just after MW3 came out, I remember after the phosphorus scene I told him: "Man , this shooting mechanic suck d***, lets play MW3".
                              I was so stupid then.

                              • Console MonsterX
                                Console MonsterX  14 hours back

                                There has never been a war the US was in where they were the bad guys. Fucking idiot. You're not even American. What would you know? The more I watch this, the more I want to punch you in the face.

                                • Console MonsterX
                                  Console MonsterX  14 hours back

                                  God you're and idiot. And by the way... Russia are and have always been the bad guys. They still are. Which is why the left tried (and failed miserably) to try Trump to them. When really, the left is closer with them. Just like Hillary called Trump racist but she knowingly took campaign funds from the KKK. Trump funded himself.

                                  • Console MonsterX
                                    Console MonsterX  14 hours back

                                    You're just another leftist idiot that knows nothing about these historic facts. The US did bomb people.... that needed bombing. US troops did shoot people... that needed shooting. I can't stand you leftists. You probably think Trump isn't one of the best presidents in world history, even though he is... objectively... which is why the left is trying so hard to impeach him because he's doing so well and he's right wing A.K.A.... the good guys instead of one of theirs'. If he was a Dem, he would already be on Rushmore.

                                    • Console MonsterX
                                      Console MonsterX  14 hours back

                                      "No Russian" is my all time favorite CoD mission. I wish they would redo it. Now it would only be white men in the crowd and a skinny chick would come flying in and save everyone because.... vagina.

                                      • Siggy Saurdough
                                        Siggy Saurdough  14 hours back

                                        Are we still pretending the highway of death was ever controversial and not a one sided military victory?

                                        • BaconBitz
                                          BaconBitz  15 hours back

                                          It would be crazy if there was a mission where you reenact the massacre of civilians and it’s played off like the no Russian mission. Because the it wouldn’t just be for público city like no Russian, and would actually serve a purpose

                                          • Sam Garcia
                                            Sam Garcia  15 hours back

                                            White phosphorus did nothing wrong.

                                            • tRoC 66
                                              tRoC 66  17 hours back

                                              Where do you get your information and facts? Russia didn’t “ban” call of duty. Sony didn’t sell it on the ps store but it was still sold on all other platforms. On top of that... modern warfare 2 had an entire level banned from the entirety of games sold because of the “no Russian” level..... at least get real facts in instead of making them up to prove your point man. The news clip I’m guessing you are showing during that part (5:43) was in May when the news network talked crap about it being an attack and blah blah blah. Have you ever watched any news channels in countries? They all conspiracy theorize and talk shit on other places..... it’s news.... and especially in russia where their news is run by the government and only allowed pro government stories

                                              • tRoC 66
                                                tRoC 66  17 hours back

                                                And earlier on you talk about black ops teams helping out a “terrorist army” would be in all this trouble, then no more than 3 minutes later talk about a group killing civilians in retaliation and getting a slap in the wrist. Your points are poorly thought out and you are more of just a biased hatred video than an unbiased “heres what they do bad” video. Change the name of the video to “Why I HATE Modern Warfare” and boom I’d understand your point!

                                            • Aiden Allen
                                              Aiden Allen  18 hours back

                                              cod ww2 was not at all authentic there were a bunch of things they got wrong

                                              • Poïpoï
                                                Poïpoï  18 hours back

                                                I wish it was as inspiring as "everybody loves Clean House for its tense decisions" and all the things you discussed, but I really wouldn't be surprised if many, if not most, of the people who praise this mission liked it for its tactical, SWAT-like room-clearing gameplay (because it's so kewl amiright), or people are just jumping on the "this-mission-is-great" bandwagon, as they often do.
                                                Oh, and great video. You nailed it!

                                                • X X
                                                  X X  20 hours back

                                                  Why do games keep fucking up female characters? Call of Duty: Finest hour had an amazing character, Tanya Pavelovna, a soviet woman operating as a sniper in the battle of stalingrad. She wasn't a punk rebel art hoe thot with an undercut but a traditional russian woman who lost her family and fought to avenge them. We need more of that.

                                                  • Henri Bergeron
                                                    Henri Bergeron  20 hours back

                                                    Modern Warfare isn't as brutal as Spec Ops: The Line but you had to be a fucking idiot to expect it to even come close. COD has a lot of player, including very young players. I'm surprised they went as dark as they did. They had you try to kill a guys kid in front of him, you watched as women and children were slaughtered for no reason. The game was intense, not just for a COD game, but for a game in general. I loved it. First COD I actually paid for in 7 years. I probably died 130+ times in my first play through on "REALISM" and I still loved it. The freedom fighters were pretty boring themselves and Alex was also super basic, but Price was in a league of his own. I love that they didn't go the typical COD way with nukes going off everywhere and explosions and stupid AI. Great game. Highly recommend it. I hope they make a sequel with the new style.

                                                    • Bryson Bridges
                                                      Bryson Bridges  23 hours back

                                                      I remember my brother came in with Spec Ops when I was really young, and just thinking it was like another cod game I played it when I got a chance and I was just hooked to the story. I didn't mind the game play but just seeing the characters slowly fall apart by the actions the player makes was amazing to play

                                                      • HourlyB
                                                        HourlyB  1 days back

                                                        SOTL only remains effective when your frame of reference for videogames Call of Duty and only Call of Duty. As soon as you realize that games like Mass Effect, Fallout, the Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age exist, it become a lot less impactful. All it is is a lukewarm commentary on scripted FPS narratives with dogshit controls. It's a 6 at best.

                                                        • Sir Cuffington
                                                          Sir Cuffington  1 days back

                                                          13:40 Probably the best transition I've ever seen

                                                          • Terence Person
                                                            Terence Person  1 days back

                                                            I think you forgot that they can't be court martialed cause their team/squad technically dont exist.

                                                            • mondasin
                                                              mondasin  1 days back

                                                              CoD has always been the clean hollywood Action movie Universe where the U.S. and its allies never do any real wrongs as a whole. You cannot make any bad choices in CoD because that's not what an Action hero does. Hell you can't even toss flashbangs into the rooms on Cleanhouse, without the game telling you to not injure civilians.

                                                              On the otherhand Spec Ops: The line is the same bland "You have no choice in this matter" but from the perspective that you don't have any good choices, you cannot do anything good. The White Phosphorus mission? you are forced to bomb the civilians, even if you edge the mortars closer and closer to the last vehicle you need to hit in order to finish the bombing portion, once you trigger the hitbox on that last humvee it also kills the civilians.
                                                              The horrors of this menagerie of pain become just as impactful as CoD forcing you to revert to the last auto-save for shooting the wrong person, when you realize its just saying "Look at how horrible you are for causing this" when that was the intended path.

                                                              • michael singer
                                                                michael singer  1 days back

                                                                Did you just call cod ww2 authentic LMAO HAHAHAHAH

                                                                • Ryeon Kai
                                                                  Ryeon Kai  1 days back

                                                                  Weird that this video doesn't mention this, even though it loves to talk about the "Clean House" mission in COD: MW, but you can choose to actually kill the mother who goes to her baby to protect/comfort them, and the other soldier in the room with you and Price actually reacts to that, and then the soldier in the room with you puts the baby back in the crib, if you kill her when she's holding her child.

                                                                  I never played the game, at least not yet, but I thought that was actually an incredible detail, and I'm amazed that he doesn't mention this since he seemed to enjoy talking about dark choices.

                                                                  Sure, it has no impact to the game whatsoever, but that's kinda how it is with most games, including the ones he was talking about in this video. It's still a choice you made and have to move on with, impactless or not.

                                                                  I dunno, felt like this was worth pointing out, seemed bizarre that he wouldn't talk about this in the first place.

                                                                  • dylan alvarez
                                                                    dylan alvarez  2 days back

                                                                    Lol the line didnt really scare me... wole time I was like; nazis did ten times worse hippy ass devs

                                                                    • X
                                                                      X  2 days back

                                                                      2 types of people that played spec ops:
                                                                      -I saw the ending a mile away cynics
                                                                      -It broke me, I had to take breaks every 20 mins to cry before continuing the campaign

                                                                      • Drew Richards
                                                                        Drew Richards  2 days back

                                                                        The movie Unthinkable and GTA5 took that shit farther than they did.

                                                                        • Artyom Zaytsev
                                                                          Artyom Zaytsev  2 days back

                                                                          A fun fact; if you want another game inspired by Heart of Darkness, look no further than Far Cry 2, the final area of the game even being called the heart of darkness

                                                                          • Mason Nevling
                                                                            Mason Nevling  2 days back

                                                                            Maybe the “Rewriting of history” was intended...To make people rethink the stereotype of Americans being heroes. The whole thing is ironic. We hate the actions the Russians in the game do, but once we find out it was an allusion to an act of the Americans we start to think. It gets the population to see that politics and war is hypocrisy.

                                                                            • savage diamonds
                                                                              savage diamonds  2 days back

                                                                              Remember when people were hating on it before release cause it wasnt "futuristic enough"

                                                                              • Tesseract
                                                                                Tesseract  2 days back

                                                                                Here's the fault in your entire argument. It's not based on real world events. So there is no "re-writing of history" It just seems like they used real world events to tell a story

                                                                                • Ben Fullgrabe
                                                                                  Ben Fullgrabe  2 days back

                                                                                  Good Lord, COD never said it's intent was to spread a message, only that it was going to be a little edgy this year.

                                                                                  Doesn't mean it has to be a no fun moral lesson like the line.

                                                                                  • Demosthenes Locke
                                                                                    Demosthenes Locke  2 days back

                                                                                    Why be a game reviewer that people watch to determine whether they should buy a game but then spoil the game in the review? Seriously? I appreciate the "Spoiler Warning" so now I know NOT to watch this. (also thx for ruining who killed the Night King on LG even if the face was a game publisher/developer, it was obvious who it, that pissed me off. Months ago I know but this reminded me of it)

                                                                                    • Ben Fullgrabe
                                                                                      Ben Fullgrabe  2 days back

                                                                                      Spec Ops the Line isn't a good game though. That's the biggest difference.

                                                                                      • Brendan Sutton
                                                                                        Brendan Sutton  2 days back

                                                                                        Heart of Darkness is a slow but amazing read. I really recommend it and since its a novella its really short.

                                                                                        • LordDestrus
                                                                                          LordDestrus  2 days back

                                                                                          Im only recently a subscriber, but this was a damn good video and I can't help but agree that I want more games that try to push extremely hard decisions on us, the audience. Its one thing to have incredibly anxious cutscenes like the Henry/Sam arc of Last of Us and its another entirely to cope with imagery and personal accountability over civilian deaths.

                                                                                          • DracoAvian
                                                                                            DracoAvian  2 days back

                                                                                            My biggest problem with Spec Ops and your argument is that the White Phosphorus part IS forced. The game will not continue until you drop it on the civilians. When I was playing it I noticed that the last group wasn't moving, grouped very close together, and not behaving like soldiers at all. That split second decision making you were talking about stopped me from dropping it on them. They didn't look like valid targets. With MW, the door scene makes total sense to me. There is no choice. You have to let them die. If you could save them and accomplish your mission then it would have been as black and white as any other morality system in a game. About the interrogation scene, I guess it makes sense that you wouldn't continue after shooting civilians in cold blood... geneva conventions and all... but I think some super gritty black ops group might cover for you...

                                                                                            • mojo denmark
                                                                                              mojo denmark  2 days back

                                                                                              the story side is not supposed to be historically accurate, it's a fictional story

                                                                                              • 6Glitch
                                                                                                6Glitch  2 days back

                                                                                                The gas attack is not supposed to represent the Haditha incident, it’s supposed to represent the Sarin gas attacks in Syria.

                                                                                                Did you get paid by the Russian government to make this video?