• Published: 08 October 2019

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  • DaisyIsOnline
    DaisyIsOnline  9 minutes back

    Pat. Not the whole community hates u or smt But U COMFUSES THE HELL OUTTA US.
    I MEAN CANT U JUST SAY UR FLUID or idk. But everyone is getting tired of this crying vids, there will be a point no one believes anymore. I know u won’t read this but like.. if ur a male, fine. Idc anymore. All those hate comments, get over it. I mean it, stop it.

    Gosh, I’m not a fan of you but this is getting sad tbh. I mean I can see u struggle but if u did that in the first place, u should wait telling us until u know for sure. Or atleast at a time ur not this emotional over.

    Ur having a gender crisis. If ur sensitive about hate then u shouldn’t post it on yt.

    But this apology vid gives the vibes that you want US to apologise, to make us feel sorry for you and not that you apologise to us. But actually what do we have to do with a fucking apology. Stop crying and go fucking live ur life.

    I don’t hate you nor do I love ur content. Im just saying my opinion. But it doesnt even matter bc no one will read this lol.

    • FalconsZone6
      FalconsZone6  16 minutes back

      Weak ass apology. F this bitch

      • Tabbie M
        Tabbie M  17 minutes back

        I don’t think she understands what being transgender is

        • Arianna Wager
          Arianna Wager  26 minutes back

          I really dont think you should ever have to explain yourself this much... I go through a lot of confusion too and maybe you just dont need a label. Besides, who the hell said that men can't be feminine? What about those gay men that wear makeup or even dresses? Who the fuck cares? If cis-males can dress and act feminine just like females, why tf can't trans men???

          • bell ahvazi
            bell ahvazi  34 minutes back


            • Your favorite Boy
              Your favorite Boy  58 minutes back

              If you didn’t tell anyone your feelings and automatically post it to fucking YouTube for the entire transgender and gay community. I would support you but trish. Cmon. You came out as black. Seriously? It’s hard to believe but making an excuse saying you have a fetish for gay men is kinda rude and extremely disrespectful. I feel like you need a break and I think your trying to fit in more. BUT you also said they them pronouns are not and option because “ your not speaking for many people I’m not crazy I don’t have multiple personalities “ I don’t mean to be rude but you seem to be going through a lot and are having some serious thinking. Please don’t think that just because you feel masculine, it means your transgender. PLEASE don’t try to date gay men. PLEASE don’t say your transgender to continue to fuel your fetish of gay men. If you are so new the being “ trans” then how in the absolute hell were you going to a gender therapist and STILL know absolutely NOTHING. REAL TRANSGENDER MALES AND FEMALES DONT USULLY GO AROUND STATING THAT THEY HAD BOOBS OR A PENIS. YOU ARE BEING A TROLL. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT BUT PLEASE. the trans community is hurt. The men you have fetishized, is hurt. Most of your followers are disappointed. You have a whole career. You’re instagram famous. I feel like the fame is getting to you and. Ugh. Trish please take a mental health year or something. You’re acting ridiculous sweety so please stop saying your a male because you’re attracted to gay men.❤️💃💃💃💃🤮

              • Jeanette Kouassi
                Jeanette Kouassi  2 hours back

                It’s not the vocabulary you’re using, it’s the fact that you claim that you hate your female parts and feel male while you’re literally showing cleavage. You present female willingly.

                • taitum israel
                  taitum israel  2 hours back

                  How about instead of trying to find a label, just be trisha

                  • Hood, classy, But definitely girly

                    But everything you do, have, drive, act like is all so girly so how you feel Like a male?

                    • Lauren Ford
                      Lauren Ford  3 hours back

                      Listen I get it y’all r offended but we r telling her the exact same shit a lot of us where told when we tried to come out y’all don’t know what’s goin through her head so please stop pretending you do🤷🏻‍♀️😘

                      • Asianesebb
                        Asianesebb  4 hours back

                        we’re all upset about this but i don’t think she deserves all this hate. it’s going overboard

                        • Love Art
                          Love Art  5 hours back

                          Her: “I wanted to identify as non-binary” also her: “I hate the reference of ‘they/them” (not exactly what she said but it’s around what it was)

                          • M. R.
                            M. R.  5 hours back

                            “I feel like I should apologize to people so they’ll stop being nasty to me” @4:45 😡😡😡 if you can’t apologize for being ignorant and insensitive towards the lgbt+ community and to transgender people, then don’t make a video of you “apologizing” you said stereotypes of transgender men, when everything you do clocks you as a woman. You post nudes on Instagram, get racy with shirtless photos and put on sexual shows. Just stfu already and go to a legitimate therapist and get help for whatever the fucks wrong with you.

                            • Elle :D
                              Elle :D  6 hours back

                              You’re confusing feeling masculine with being Male

                              • Michelle-Deliah Jöhnk
                                Michelle-Deliah Jöhnk  6 hours back

                                I believe you

                                • Nope Why
                                  Nope Why  7 hours back

                                  Bro stop crying.😤your not trans stop acting like it.you need to understand that all of the shit you say has meaning.think bout that the next time you want to post stupid shit like this.its so fucking annoying to see you cry because it’s your fault your cryin cuz you don’t know half the shit you talk about.you offended so many people including me.

                                  • spencer Moore
                                    spencer Moore  7 hours back

                                    Me a trans person: gAGs Gag do you have dysphoria???? No please shut up im gagging omg

                                    • Lina Westrin
                                      Lina Westrin  7 hours back

                                      We’re not disbelieving you or questioning you because of your looks. You literally said that you “identify with your birth gender 1000%.” You can’t be surprised that people get offended when you say things like that in a “I’m transgender” coming out video?
                                      You also made it sound like the main reasons for you to identify as a male were all based on the fact that you don’t wear makeup and perfect hair every day, and therefore “relating more” to being a man (along with having a gay man fetish). I’m guessing your feelings goes deeper than that, but that’s how it came off.

                                      Another thing that caught my attention was your opinion about people identifying themselves as ‘they’. That you wouldn’t call yourself such a thing because you think it sounds schizophrenic.. What kind of reaction did you expect on such a claim?
                                      I really do believe you when you say that you’re not just a female. I can tell you’re confused. This is not about disbelief or being nasty. It’s about telling you to choose your words so you don’t hurt anyone or sound disrespectful. Please educate yourself before speaking about these matters again, for other people’s sake and for your own. I hope you figure out who you are.

                                      • Let's have fun With yohan


                                        • -SKY- of Wonderland
                                          -SKY- of Wonderland  9 hours back

                                          She's not the kitchen floor. That's different. Also, this video is monetized. You're not 1000% sorry

                                          • Otter Space
                                            Otter Space  9 hours back

                                            I think my whole community has found a new level of anger

                                            • puctbridge
                                              puctbridge  10 hours back

                                              Hey dumb bitch! Your entire identity has been sculpted around being a slut that fucks anything. You have built yourself around the relationships with men that you have had in your life. For once in that life! You don't have a boyfriend and no group of people to try to make yourself a part of. Now you are alone! You aren't fucking trans. You are just trying to find a way to be alone and happy with being alone. Sit back and love yourself. Don't just fucking say it! Until you feel it, until you can be alone and not have a mental collapse in 24 hours... you should fucking chill on the videos. You are creating more drama for yourself with this ignorant shit. This is all part of growing up! You are just going through what everyone does! But your a stupid melodramatic simpleton. This is life! Enjoy life, love who you are in truth and not only in words... If you don't love who you are or you cannot be alone without having a mental collapse... begin using every fucking day to make yourself a stronger and better person! and in time you will find that you do love who you have become.

                                              • I'll_Have_That_Drink_Now !

                                                .... Many trans people dont actually transition but they wouldn't go on camera and claim that they are a guy wearinga vest and showing off their chest. Like fairs fairs believe that your a guy and what not but like most trans men would cover up their body. I know I do.

                                                • Mackenzie Westen
                                                  Mackenzie Westen  10 hours back

                                                  Stop pretending to cry. None of us care. Have some respect for the ACTUAL trans community. Just delete your account.

                                                  • Maggie Robinson
                                                    Maggie Robinson  11 hours back

                                                    as a queer person i think discrediting trisha’s emotions is rude. some of their experience is valid and others not real trans experiences at all, but gender is fake so why do we condemn trisha questioning ?

                                                    • Maggie Robinson
                                                      Maggie Robinson  11 hours back

                                                      still doesnt make some of the hurtful things about trans ppl you lol

                                                    • Maggie Robinson
                                                      Maggie Robinson  11 hours back

                                                      trisha i hope u find the language to explain ur emotions and get a better therapist lmao

                                                  • Kayla mcarady
                                                    Kayla mcarady  11 hours back

                                                    I can’t tell if she’s just trying to be a huge troll just to get views and money? Or she’s actually a lunatic

                                                    • Vũ Hiệp Nguyễn
                                                      Vũ Hiệp Nguyễn  11 hours back

                                                      Are you ok?

                                                      • Claudia Bailey
                                                        Claudia Bailey  11 hours back

                                                        You are such a fucking troll. You have so many issues you don't know what else to do to get attention from people. You're using this community as a joke. Shame on you and this isn't a sincere apology. Everyone can see through your fake tears. Save yourself the time. You most definitely need extensive therapy. All you're doing is confusing young women and offending a huge community who has had to fight so hard to get acceptance. You need to vanish from social media. All you are doing is damage.

                                                        • Hello People
                                                          Hello People  11 hours back

                                                          I honestly dont understand why she is getting this hate, this seems like snd identity crisis and trisha is wikd but she is human too, have som respect snd reslise she is just like you on the inside she has feelings

                                                          • layshas2005
                                                            layshas2005  11 hours back

                                                            Your on a journey of finding yourself and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sharing it with people that can relate is probably a blessing to them. Fuck everyone's judgmental bs. Just be true to yourself your beautiful. Good luck on your journey, keep your head up.

                                                            • Tylia Karpinska x
                                                              Tylia Karpinska x  12 hours back

                                                              yet there’s about 10 ads

                                                              • EVA LILIA_MARIE
                                                                EVA LILIA_MARIE  12 hours back

                                                                Guys, I know her video was not super respectful or well explained or whatever, but she is obiously struggeling with herself. I do not care how many arguments go against her and that it is her own fault ... blah, but please stop cyberbullying. THAT IS NOT OKAY.

                                                                • Karma
                                                                  Karma  12 hours back

                                                                  I swear she can cry on command

                                                                  • Anna Morson
                                                                    Anna Morson  12 hours back

                                                                    How are you trans. Your tits are literally out and you don’t have dysphoria. Dysphoria makes you trans, not liking gay men

                                                                    • Jayde
                                                                      Jayde  15 hours back

                                                                      So this video is called "apology". Huh. That's odd, bc to me it just sounds like she's defending her coming out video and begging people to "stop bullying me omg 😭"
                                                                      She's not apologising for shit.

                                                                      • caoakuma
                                                                        caoakuma  16 hours back

                                                                        As long as i had boobs i would never be accepted as transgender ?! That has nothing to do with anything! In your last video you literally said i choose to be this one day and this the next. Do you not understand that , that is one of the main problems with your last video ? ? No one can tell you what you are but girl , you need to educate yourself. Plain and simple. I think you missed the point .

                                                                        • Do Not Eat Blue Dirt
                                                                          Do Not Eat Blue Dirt  16 hours back

                                                                          Trish: Makes a trans video seeking attention
                                                                          Everyone: eh whatever

                                                                          Trish: *gUyS iM sO SoRrY*

                                                                          • AColorful Bird
                                                                            AColorful Bird  16 hours back

                                                                            I wouldn't call it hate, I'd call it education. A lot of people are just trying to educate you on this type of this. You wouldn't be showing your chest if were trans and haven't transitioned yet.

                                                                            • Sinister Revenge
                                                                              Sinister Revenge  16 hours back

                                                                              Fuck off trisha, you aren’t an actual trans person -sincerely an actual gay trans man

                                                                              • missmerbella
                                                                                missmerbella  17 hours back

                                                                                Trisha is a troll for the views and the $$$. She knows that being offensive will bring her more attention. What boggles my mind is how people continue to fall for it and not see straight through it all.

                                                                                • Brittany Cole
                                                                                  Brittany Cole  18 hours back

                                                                                  Ur fake ass always saying sorry u said u never really wanted ur tits but yet got bigger ones then u say u want to be a man tf are u slow

                                                                                  • Frederick Alexander
                                                                                    Frederick Alexander  18 hours back

                                                                                    Shane's New Docuseries: The Gender Of Trishtan Paytas (Formely Trisha, FTM)

                                                                                    • Frederick Alexander
                                                                                      Frederick Alexander  18 hours back

                                                                                      You said you feel trapped in your own body, and that going ultra-feminine hasn't done anything for you, so why do you dress so feminine? You're doing this apology in a tank top. I'm a transgender person, female to male, and having boobs doesn't discredit you as transgender, but being overly feminine when you know that it's not working for you isn't what any transgender person would do. I think you're demigender if *anything* but definitely not transgender.

                                                                                      • criticant
                                                                                        criticant  20 hours back

                                                                                        just stop making videos so you dont have to make apology videos on your floor

                                                                                        • Jenn S
                                                                                          Jenn S  20 hours back

                                                                                          Oh god this is somehow worse than that bueaty gyro....

                                                                                          • Mia Lam
                                                                                            Mia Lam  20 hours back

                                                                                            She can't even look at the camera through the entire video. Hard to believe anyone is sincere if they can't even look you in the eye.

                                                                                            • AbbiIsBoring
                                                                                              AbbiIsBoring  20 hours back

                                                                                              she’s like the white version of peaches

                                                                                              • Kyle Stinson
                                                                                                Kyle Stinson  21 hours back

                                                                                                Okay. I’ve stayed way out of this. And refused to comment on this thing but I’m speaking out now. And I’m going to use they/them pronouns for trish. I. Am. A. Trans man. And i am the type of person who usually just says whatever be who you are but this isn’t okay. There’s a lot more to this then they think. If they had just said hey guys I’m questioning my gender if you could call me this or that like great. They would not have gotten backlash from that. There will always be hate but not like they have gotten because they didn’t go about this the right way. If they are trans great but this is something you can go spilling all over the internet for everyone to see before your sure. It’s that simple.

                                                                                                • -SKY- of Wonderland
                                                                                                  -SKY- of Wonderland  9 hours back

                                                                                                  Trish said that they/them pronouns are too confusing and didn't want to go with "they/them".